1 – Why buy fans on Facebook, followers on Twitter and Google Increace Plus?

R / Social media has become one of the fastest growing ways modern advertising worldwide. Smart companies are recognizing this for some time now and are putting their budgets to make large expenditures on online social media. Increasing the potential customer base makes the promotion of your product or service is most visited thus get more sales. The larger the target, the more likely sales!


2 – How are payments made for an order?

R / Payments are through PayPal, it is the pioneer in online payments in question is a very reputable company in the Internet.


3 – How long after having placed my order begin to start work?

R / try to start working on your campaign as soon as possible, regularly among the first 24 hours. Depending on the time of your order, you may find that you see the increase of his fans in just a few hours.


4 – How long does it take to complete my order?

R / This is different for each campaign delivery times are different for each. You can check the time table purchase.


5 – How can your business benefit from social media?

R / Building a fan page is one of the best ways to communicate your product or service offered to thousands of potential customers. The best part is that you can continuously promote new products on a recurring basis, as they are your fans and it costs you nothing! With our services you can quickly get new fans constantly watching your promotions


6 – What kind of fans I get?

R / We send real fans with real friends! They are real people, we are against using Robot for such campaigns. All followers speak English and will consist of people in the UK, Canada, USA and some of Asia.


7 – How long does it take to see results in my Fans page?

R / It takes 24 hours for each case to be processed and for our staff to start working on your account. You can see results from a few days.


8- How are payments for an order?

R / Payments are through PayPal, it is the pioneer in online payments in question is a very reputable company in the Internet.


9- What is a good ratio on Twitter?

R / A good relationship is when Twitter followers number is more than the number of people your are following. Example, a user who has a positive relationship are following 2000 and continues to 500. It is quite possible that you get more followers and the followers are set to the number who follow you, on the contrary get less fans. StrongFans.com maintain a positive relationship for all its users.


10- What is the guarantee StrongFans.com?

R / assurance to our clients is that if you are not offered the fans at the time stated in our terms, you will refund the full amount of your money, do not want dissatisfied customers.



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